Vitameatavegamin Regimen

June 19, 2008

Last week, I was at about my lowest ebb with all of this fibro stuff. The pain had gotten almost unbearable, I was terribly depressed, and– ugh. Just ugh. Stay with me though, it starts to get better.

On top of it all, I was getting these weird and awfully awful cramps in my calves that were making it hard(er than usual) to walk. I was a little concerned so I went to the doctor, who ordered some blood tests, and I’m scheduled to have some sort of test called a doppler next week (to rule out blood clots). I also have to get a mammogram. My boobs aren’t cramping, but he wants me to have one since I’ve never had it done (I know- shame on me), and he probably figured I was in so much pain anyway that we ought to go ahead and add some mammary mashing to the mix. Anyway, Doctor P. said that the calf thing may just be some new turn that my fibromyalgia has taken– another new and wonderful way that it’s decided to present itself. I haven’t gotten the results yet, but in the meantime…

I’ve decided to start trying out some vitamins and minerals to find relief, and y’know? It’s working! Yesterday, for the first time in forever, I drove home from work, and instead of feeling completely wiped out and heading straight for the sofa (which is what I’ve been doing since returning to work), I actually had some energy, and I got a few things accomplished around the house. Wow!

This morning, commuting back to work in Columbus from Dayton, I was feeling so happy and pain-free that I was actually calling people to just say, “Wow!” I felt good, like James Brown. My calves had stopped hurting too. It all made me a little wah-wah, because it’s been so long since I’ve had a really good day. In fact, I thought that there was a strong possibility that I might never have another. Not only was I feeling fairly tip top, but my calves had almost completely stopped hurting too. Woohoo!

I was a little wiped out a few hours after arriving back home, but still… I had several really great hours!

So… for now, here’s what I’m taking. I may change this up a bit, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Twinlab Stress B-Complex Caps

Nature’s Bounty Natural Vitamin E (400 IU)

Source Naturals Fibro Response, which is a combination of malic acid and MSM

Nature Made Magnesium (500 mg)

Nature Made Zinc (50 mg)

Jarrow Formulas Natural SAM-e (400 mg)

SAM-e is supposed help with fibro, but unfortunately it tends to make me a little too energetic at night, and it’s interfering with my sleep. I still have the racing weird dreams (last night’s saga had Ron Howard in it– not Opie Ron Howard, and not bald director Ron Howard, but more Richie Cunningham Ron Howard), and I never feel that I’m fully asleep– I’m always thinking about stuff, or saying things to myself like “Wow– how weird. Richie Cunningham’s in my dream).

Anyway, I’m going to stick it out with the SAM-e for another week or so, because I’m so loving having this energy, but if my sleep patterns don’t improve, I’m switching to htp-5, which supposedly does the same good things, but has almost no side effects.

I’m also looking into a few dietary changes, and I’m trying to gear up to cut out (or at least cut back) on my beloved coffee and my sweet iced tea (it’s a southern thang, ya’ll). Fewer carbs, more fruits and veggies, and oatmeal a few times a week.

I’m so optimistic about all of this that I’m planning to start bicycling again. Two years ago, I was doing up to sixty-five miles per weekend. Last year, that decreased to about thirty-five, and this year, my fibro interfered so much that I almost became phobic about riding, for fear that it would cause more flares. Now I’m feeling like I might be able to handle it. I’ve even ordered a little basket for the front, so I can take the pup along.

So that’s how things stand right now. I’ll keep you posted, but I really hope that you find some of this helpful. Oh, and best of all? That entire bag of these vitamins cost less than a one month prescription of the Lexapro I was taking, and it’s helping more.

(Note: I’m not taking Vitameatavegamin.)


9 Responses to “Vitameatavegamin Regimen”

  1. […] 21, 2008 The supplements are definitely helping! Over six miles on my beloved bicycle today, and while that’s a far […]

  2. Anna Says:

    you should not take vitamin e supplements. studies have shown it causes mortality rates to go up and raises your risks for cancers be careful. do research online there are a lot of sources.

  3. Thanks, Anna. I researched what you’ve said, and although some of those studies aren’t very well done (test groups were old people with pre-existing health conditions), there was one study that showed an increased risk of lung cancer, so I’m going to lay off the E. Again, thanks!

  4. Deanna Says:

    If you think the Sam-E is giving you lots of energy then I am definitely going to give it a try. I have been struggling with exhaustion. I have been taking B12 shots and have ruled out all other medical possibilities. The doctor said it is just the fibro (JUST – Ha!). I think it is the combination of fibro and keeping up with two boys. Anything that might give me more energy would be GREAT!

    Thanks for the post… so glad to see you are back on your bike. We go riding. I can’t ever make it as far as my boys, but I enjoy riding too.

  5. Deanna, it’s either the SAM-e or the Fibro Response. I started taking the magnesium and zinc before I began the other stuff, and didn’t notice a difference (I bought them though, so I’m taking them!). I’m sure the B-Complex is helping too.

    Please let me know if it makes a difference for you. I’m really hoping it does. I’d love to know that you had more energy for your boys, and for yourself.

    I’m so glad you can still ride your bike!

  6. Little Miss Says:

    I lost my RSS feed to your blog! I’m so sorry I haven’t visited here sooner. So… a few things. First, I get those weird calf pains too. They come on like cramps and sometimes turn into charlie horses. I get them in the middle of my upper back muscles too. Strange.

    I highly recommend the vitamin E. My rheumatologist told me to take 1,000 IU daily becuase my level was so depleted. I did, and brought my level back up to normal. Has your doctor specifically tested you for vitamin E deficiency? You should ask him to because vitamin E deficiency causes muscle aches. Get rid of that symptom and what you have left is clearly fibro. That’s been my experience. I’m still taking it occasionally, but not daily. Oh, and my rheumatologist is one of the top in Seattle, and I think if there were risks involved, like, um death and cancer, she wouldn’t have recommended it.

    Because of being on Weight Watchers, my whole diet has changed. I still, of course, have the fibro, but the flares are somewhat diminished. I can now walk about 2-4 miles a week and guess what? I’m going to buy a really good bike with my insurance settlement! You’ve inspired me. Also, I eat oatmeal for breakfast, with banana, several times a week. I also eat a lot of apples, lettuce, whole grains, and chicken. My chiropractor also told me to put lemon in my water as the acid is a natural anti-inflammatory. So that helps my back.

    Um, what else do I have to share? I’m so glad you are starting to get a bit of energy back. That is great news. We are going to beat this thing for sure!

    I’ll bet your area has some excellent bike riding trails (and, ahem, FYI, there are usually some pretty nice guys riding them)– I’m so glad you’re going to start riding! And congratulations on the WW thing again!

    I know from reading forward that you were talking about vitamin D, not E. I’ve stopped the E, but I’ll research adding D to my regimen.

    I still can’t believe how much better we’re both starting to feel! I think we should have t-shirts printed up. On the front they can say “Positive Changes,” and on the back, “Never Give Up!”

  7. Little Miss Says:

    Vitamin D…. D! Did I say E???? I am sooooo wrong. D as in David. I take Vitamin D. My apologies for my fibro fog that made me say stupid stuff. But D rhymes with E, ao I guess it’s a legitimate error.

  8. Where did you come up with all of those things you are taking? I’m always so scared to try stuff … and now I have a darn stomach ulcer or something … home sick today with it.

    You poor thing! I hope you’re feeling better.

    I started researching natural remedies for fibro. One of the best places I found was this one:

    I read some of her tips, and then started researching the stuff she recommended. This regimen I’m doing is STILL working! I hope you’ll look into some of it, but check for interactions with things your currently taking. I don’t want you keeling over! Seriously, this has worked better than anything I’ve tried in the past. Still having the insomnia issues, but other than that, it’s been great!

  9. Little Miss Says:

    Just going back and reading my WordPress comments. I missed your response earlier. I wanted to also tell you that my daughter found that awesome chair you mentioned at a Brookstone out here. The sales rep said that with a prescription from your doctor, some insurance companies will cover it. Not sure how I’d be able to wangle that, but I’m going to try. That, or I’ll buy one from the settlement from my car accident, which is causing my back to degenerate faster.

    I found a PINK bike. Can you believe it? Now I just need to find the money for it, and a safety helmet. LOL. Oh, and I hadn’t considered the guys also bicycling. I was thinking about how my butt would get skinnier from cycling and not hang over the wide seat so much. LOL.

    I’m pondering those tshirts, I am, I am.

    They told me that it was sometimes covered by insurance too. I hope it works for you!

    A pink bike!!! That’s so great! Mine is blue, because I wanted a boy’s bike, but I feminized it somewhat with pink streamers and accessories. Plus, I just bought a wicker bike basket for Theo, which makes it a lot more girly.

    I think I’m going to change the t-shirt logo to “FIBRO SUCKS!”

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