Crummy Stupid Fibro Flare

April 29, 2008

I feel horrible. Poop. I get so excited when my body feels better, then WHAMMO! The fibro kind of chuckles and says, “Not so fast there, toots.” Yes, it calls me toots.

Anyway, the weather took a sudden turn for the colder, and I think that may be the reason for this. There is no part of my body that doesn’t hurt, except for maybe a few eyelashes. I’m going to go back to bed, and hope that tomorrow’s better.


2 Responses to “Crummy Stupid Fibro Flare”

  1. Little Miss Says:

    I do think the change in weather makes a difference, somewhat like arthritis, even though what we have isn’t arthritis, the colder weather can affect our muscles, I think. Although, I’m not a real doctor, I play one in blogland. ;P

    Hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Thanks, LM. This was a horrendous one. Only two days, but what a two days it was. Today seems better. Fingers crossed.

    You aren’t a real doctor? But, but…those bills you’ve been sending me….

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