Fibrofog Blog

September 11, 2007

fogI am learning to deal a little better with the fibro fog (I hate that term- why can’t it be something pretty, like “fibro mist” or “fibro fantasyland”?). When I realize it’s coming on, instead of crying in frustration as I used to, the first thing I do is to warn Tom. This way he’s aware that I’m in space cadet mode, and he stays on the lookout for my keys, my cell phone, and the glasses on top of my head. Also, he can flee, screaming, if he needs to.

If I can rest, I do it. Sometimes, just going back to sleep for a few minutes, and waking up as though the first time didn’t count, helps.

I drink coffee. Lots of it. I don’t know if this is a remedy, I just love coffee.

Stretching helps. Even two minute’s worth.

I write every day. Even bad writing (like this) helps me keep my mind focused on something, and enables me to stay as sharp as a butter knife.

I ask myself a lot of questions throughout the day: Did you take the key out of the ignition before locking the doors? Check. Did you turn off the stove? Check. Are you thoroughly sick of feeling so stupid? Check.

Mostly, when I get this way, I try to give myself a break. I don’t talk on the phone, I try not to schedule big events, sometimes I just zone out and watch a movie or something. I try to be as gentle and nurturing as possible, and not beat myself up with negatives. If I had a friend who was a little slow on the uptake, I’d never scream or grow impatient. So I’m working on treating myself as my own best friend. My own very slow, spaced out friend.


One Response to “Fibrofog Blog”

  1. ouiser Says:

    Its so nice to know that, as one of your friends who is slow on the uptake, you will never scream or be impatient with me. he, he

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