Stairs and Bears

September 10, 2007

ford fallI am clumsy and uncoordinated. This has always been the case, although I’d love to blame it on the Fibro. My dad used to call me “Blunder.”

Last night, I fell down the stairs, five of them, and crashed into a piece of exercise equipment. Today, I’m bruised, I hurt all over, and my brain is foggy. Tom says it’s like living with Gerald Ford.


This is going to sound crazy, and very middle-aged. Let me start out by saying that, in my entire childhood, I never had a stuffed animal. Not one. Maybe a couple of dolls, but that’s it. And I could never understand why my friends had these menageries of them; some even took them to college and had them laid out on their dorm beds. I am not like that. Give me a pillow and some sheets with a decent thread count, and I’m good to go.

Having given you my disclaimer, I have recently changed my stance on this. I was in the hospital about a year ago, and my mom gave me this soft, scroungy looking little stuffed cat. As I was recuperating, I hugged that thing for dear life. When I was well again, I put him on the shelf.

Lately, when I’ve been in pain, and feeling very wah wah, I’ve taken to keeping the littlebear guy handy. What I really want when I get this way is Tom– I want a human teddy bear to hug and comfort me. One day, I had to go crash because I was feeling horrible. I didn’t say anything to Tom, I just went to lie down for a bit and wait for the feelings to pass. I never want to be helpless or demanding, so I don’t say anything. Well, Tom came into the room and saw me lying there, sniffling, he came in and put his arms around me. Like magic, I felt better and stronger.

It’s sort of impossible to have Tom around for this sort of on-demand comfort, so I’ve taken to hugging that little kitty. It truly does help, but he’s awfully small, so I’m on the lookout for a big, soft teddy bear– a surrogate Tom. Try it, you’ll like it.


5 Responses to “Stairs and Bears”

  1. Little Miss Says:

    I don’t have a “Tom” but I have a puppy (a chihuahua) and cats. My cats always know when I’m down and they come nuzzle me. That, and a body pillow to hug, seems to work. But there is definitely something about the magic of a loving human that does the trick.

    Sorry about your fall. Your comment about Gerald Ford and then the picture just made me laugh out loud. I couldn’t help it. I’m sick that way. 🙂 Hope you feel better.

  2. Oh, you have the comfort thing down pat! I have been begging for a puppy, but nooooo… Tom’s cat, Tux seemed to know that I’d been hurt– he slept with me all night last night 🙂

    I’m glad I made you laugh. It’s part of our plan for getting this thing in check, huh? I really like reading your new blog!

  3. ouiser Says:

    Wait a minute… Tom has a cat? Well isnt that just a double standard thing he has going on there!! he, he, he Ya know… every Garfield needs its Odie! Just a thought. he, he

    Hate to hear about the header off the stairs, but glad to hear it wasn’t more serious. That’s quite a fall for anyone. Hope you mend soon.

  4. zoeystorm Says:

    I’ve had a teddy dog (its a stuffed animal dog shaped more like a teddy bear) that my sister gave me when I was about 6 or 7. I slept with it almost every night since. By last Christmas when I visited my sister (yup he goes on the plane with me even)he was so deflated and sad looking she laughed. She told me she had only given him to me because she found him to hard and overstuffed to hang on to, but because he was a gift from my big sis I had never cared. I finally decided it was time to give him a bath and some knew stuffing. When I opened him up I found out he had been filled with large chunks of styrofoam most of which had been ground down to dust over time resulting in his deflated look. He got a desperatly needed bath and some new ball styrofoam made for stuffing beanbags (Im so used to that crunchy sound he had I couldnt put fluff in him) and all back together. Still even with our history its nothing compared to a good strong hug from the hubby! The only thing I can say is you can hold the stuffed animal all night without having your arm fall dead asleep!
    Sorry to hear about your fall hope you’re doing allright.

  5. Ouiser: Tux was a pre-existing cat. I agree, he needs a playmate. Tom won’t bend on this! He says we don’t have room. Bah, humbug. My bootie is still bruised and hurting, but I feel much better today.

    Zoeystorm: I love this story so much! Thank you for sharing it. Thanks for the good wishes– I’m feeling much better today.

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