August 27, 2007

man rayA while back, I started two separate blogs- one for my regular life, and reserved for talking about Fibromyalgia. Lately, it seems that the Fibro blog is the one that I’m writing the most in, but I really do need a place to just whine and cry.

Don’t have a lot of energy (or brain function) to say a lot. I’m a little afraid, because I have always been able to push myself to get in a couple of bike rides during the week. This summer, I’ve been down to one ride a week. Yesterday, I hurt and ached and was exhausted, but I did ride twenty miles. Today, I’m completely drained, hurting, and foggy. Am I getting to the point where I can’t ride at all any more? Lidoderm patches are helping somewhat, but I’m so frustrated- I have so much to do, but I’m not even answering the phone, because the thought of mustering enough energy to talk seems impossible. The pattern now seems to be that if I do anything physical, I pay for days afterward.

I’m going to go lie down now. I’m really sad and frustrated with all of this.


One Response to “Wahhhh…”

  1. Dealing with this type of pain is not easy. And treatment given are not true to all patients. Wishing you my dear to have your most effective treatment that suits you. Take care always.

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