Fibromyalgia– A Joyful World of Wonder

August 23, 2007

lichtensteinYes, I’m being sarcastic. I hate this &*%@!# syndrome, disease, illness…whatever it is.

Today, I found out that my short term disability claim had been denied due to “lack of medical evidence.” What bullshit. My medical history looks like the Encyclopedia Britannica. I can appeal it, but I am so mentally and physically exhausted that I want to give up. And I’ll bet that’s just what they’re hoping I’ll do, so I’ll have to fight it.

I also called the FMLA people. FMLA only lasts for 12 weeks, max. That means that on September 22, I’ll either have to go back to work, or be fired. This makes sense to me, actually– after all, they do have a business to run.

As winter approaches, I find myself filled with dread (of the pain) and fear (of the future). In the past, my fibro really only kicked in to an unbearable level in the winter. This year, it’s much more random. I’ve been hurting off and on all year, and have reached a new level of exhaustion. This causes the depression to become worse, my stress level to go up, etc. You know the drill.

What do I do? How do I support myself? I can’t afford to keep insurance. I can’t afford to keep going to doctors looking for a miracle. I’d really like to go back in time and be the peppy, workaholic gal that I used to be. Since that’s not possible, I think I’ll go and take a nap. I’m so tired.


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